One of the best aspects of having knitting as a hobby is you never run out of projects or ideas. There are many different techniques knitters use to create various looks and textures, so the possibilities are endless!

These are just some of the most popular techniques used by experienced knitters to get you started on your beautiful creations.

The most basic knitting technique is cast on stitching, which is a method that involves creating a slipknot and then looping the yarn through the needle. The cast can be adjusted to create different patterns, elasticity and looks such as with a single, double or tubular cast on.

Cable knitting is also gaining popularity in the knitting world, which is a style that creates texture with the simple process of crossing layers. You can create braid or lattice style patterns with cable stitching which look great on sweaters or other clothing items.
Knitting backwards is a fairly new technique used by knitters who really don’t like the traditional purl knitting method for big projects that require a lot of edging or turning. To knit backwards, go left to right to create rows without ever having to turn.
The technique of knitting the round is a popular method for creating tubular shaped items, such as socks or sleeves, because it’s a way to avoid sewing pesky seams. Many knitters prefer this method because they can see the front side of their work since it’s always facing foward. To make the ìknitting in the roundî technique easier, try using a double pointed or a circular needle.
An alternative for the knitting the round method is what knitters refer to as the magic loop. It’s a really neat way to knit which can be used to create all kinds of patterns including flat and tubular ones. This technique involves using a long circular needle allowing you to even knit multiple items at once!