Knitting Tips

Best Types of Knitting Yarn

One of the many joys of being a knitter is having an array of yarn to choose from in multiple colors, textures and patterns to create any project you dream of. Types of yarn fall in two different categories, natural or synthetic.

A synthetic yarn is usually the more inexpensive of the two types and is made up of man made fibers which include nylon, polyester, acrylic or even microfiber. Synthetic yarn holds up really well after multiple washes, but it’s sometimes not the most comfortable. The synthetic fibers can get itchy and irritate sensitive skin, so you may want to refrain from using these types of yarn when knitting clothing. Many yarn companies these days have taken measures to soften synthetic fibers and make yarns that are more flexible and easy to care for. […]

5 Tips for Knitting Beginners

It’s easy to forget the problems and frustrations of a beginning knitter once […]

Knitting Tips for Newbies

Want to start knitting and don’t know where to start? Knitting is a really fun and enjoyable hobby, but it can be a little overwhelming for those just learning. If you’re thinking about picking up the knitting needles, keep these helpful tips for beginners in mind!