As somebody with a deep knowledge and passion for this type of work, I truly understand the importance of providing a genuine and close finish with every knitting job. With an entire lives experience in doing this, though, it can be quite hard for people to follow my lead and truly understand what I’m doing! This is why we established – to act as a prime hub of information, advice and learning for people all across the globe who want to develop their own skillsets and become better at this key skill.

I want to help those who have a passion for knitting but don’t quite know where to get started – having knitted for years for family members as well as loved ones over my lifetime, I know every last trick in the book. For getting a solid finish to making sure that we get it looking just right with patters and designs in the knitting, it’s our job here at to make sure things go just right – so, if you want to make sure this remains the case just get in touch with us HERE!

It’s so important that your knitting tasks are taken seriously as without the right impetus and concentration, it can be very easy to ruin what was a very promising looking design. To avoid this ever becoming the case, you simply need to use the various tips, feedback, opinion and recommendations found in here.

We cover everything from the basic design styles that you might consider using to the more advanced – and difficult- transitions that require hard work and determination to get just right. The smaller and more intricate parts of any design can be a nightmare to get looking just right, but you’ll find various techniques and skills listed here on that should make it easier than ever for you.

We want to act as the dedicated resource online for people who love knitting and want to find new ideas, new inspiration and new tools that can make their experience even more enjoyable. The best way to do that is by following our own journey into the knitting industry as we look at every available design style and technique out there to come up with a comprehensive master knitting list!